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Please note, as from 24th May 2017, only V3.1.3 and below are supported as fresh installs of moodle

Moodle is a completely free multi-lingual online course management system created for teachers and other education operators to create flexible, quality rich online courses for students and communities.

Moodle can support small and large learning communities, delivery of learning activities, publishing of resources and much more making it ideal for schools and enterprises.

Depending on your audience, Moodle can be easily customised for users with different needs allowing students all around the world to study whereever they have internet access.

M Hosting Package


Suitable for a hobby, personal or small Moodle site.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
6GB Webspace
6000 e-mail addresses
6 MySql Databases
No Automatic Backups
Yes Moodle 1 click installer
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£47.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £3.95 p/m

XL Hosting Package


Ideal for very large Moodle sites.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
No Set Limt Webspace
No Set Limt e-mail addresses
No Set Limt MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes Moodle 1 click installer
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£107.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £8.95 p/m

L Hosting Package


Perfect for a professional Moodle site that comes with our automatic backup service.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
25GB Webspace
10000 e-mail addresses
10 MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes Moodle 1 click installer
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£65.64 PER YEAR

Equates to £5.47 p/m

Moodle is a script that will run fine on all powerful servers. The servers we use have no issues running Moodle (in fact we run more intensive scripts than this). As Moodle is usually used in the education fields with schools or companies with larger budgets, the prices online have ended up inflated. Since Squirrel Hosting started, we have always held true to our honest, straight forward approach to hosting. We could create a package specifically for Moodle and market it at a higher price but this just isn't the way we do business.

Moodle 1 Click installer
Install With 1 Click
Moodle can be easily and quickly installed with our 1 click install script. All you need to do is log in to your eXtend control panel and find the icon for the Moodle 1 click install. Once you have clicked on this, follow the onscreen instructions and your Moodle site will be up and running in no time.
Moodle plugins
Use Themes/Plugins
There are numerous extra plugins that you can use with your Moodle install. In the 'downloads' section on Moodle's website, you can find themes and modules to further customise your site.
Moodle cloud hosting
Cloud Powered Hosting
Our powerful shared hosting will run your Moodle site efficiently. Choose from our three packages to see which best fits your needs. You can view the capabilities of each option in the table above.
Moodle backups
Automatic Backups*
If you would like to take advantage of our snapshot backups, these are included in our L and XL packages. Snapshot backups take a backup of your site for the previous 30 days. All of our hosting packages (including M) allow you to back up your site using our 1 click backup feature.

Moodle has been used by various schools, universities and enterprises for several years and is now in use by over 45000 communities, over 32 million users and in 205 countries. As it's now available in 80 languages, it's hard to see how Moodle won't keep growing.

Moodle Migration

Free Website Migration

Are you looking to move your Moodle site to a new host but put off by the technical aspects of moving? The good news is we can do it for you for free. Simply order your hosting using option 2 here (this will set up the hosting but will not affect your current site), then open a support ticket where our team will do the rest.

Friendly UK based support

All in house and not outsourced

Speach Mark
Speach Mark

Absolutely Superb - Good Service does exist!

Joining Squirrel Hosting was defiantly a good decision! After years of worse than poor service with 1 & 1 and Go Daddy I have finally found a company that offer great products, great prices and great service!

We transferred our domain name and hosting of our website bling-bling-online.co.uk without problem, it was fast and the service along the way was very helpful.

There's no telephone support, but don't let this put you off as their support ticket system works a treat, very fast replies.

A full 5 Stars from us :)

Some features that you get with Moodle:

Personalised dashboard
All in one calendar
Simple text editor
Automatic alerts
Mass enrolment
Multilingual capability
Bulk course creation
Manage user permissions
Regular security updates
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