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Let us migrate your website

We have had many emails from you awesome people out there saying that you would love to move to us (thanks by the way) but are going to wait until your current hosting expires.

Well, we had a think and decided that you shouldn’t have to do that anymore.  If you want to move hosting then we’ll make it easier for you.  So, we are super excited to offer potential Squirrel customers the following:

Free site migration
We will move your site for you
Free Migration from your old hosting company to us.  We will do this all for free or if you prefer you can do this yourself, using our guides from our hosting blog (only available for linux hosting packages).
Hosting contract escape
Already Paid for hosting elsewhere?
If you are stuck in a contract with your other web host and don't want to lose out on your remaining months, don't worry. Let us know about it and once you purchase our hosting, we will add any remaining months of your contract from your old hosting on to your Squirrel account. This is for up to a maximum of 6 months. So if you have paid for a year at your other web hosting company, have 6 months left on your contract and want to switch, you aren't missing out.
Domain Registration
Domain Registration is carried over
Finally, with your domain, your remaining registration will also be carried over should you wish to transfer the domain name into your Squirrel Hosting account. So, if your domain expires in 2 years, it will still expire in 2 years when you move over.

Sign me up!

So there you have it, a simple way of switching over to us whilst saving money / without losing out. If you are interested, contact us about this today. Alternatively, order your hosting then contact us with details of how many months you have remaining on your old hosting account. Also, don't forget to let us know if you want to take advantage of our free migration service.

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