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Opencart is an open source e-commerce solution that is user friendly and feature packed with multiple elements. This e-commerce software is a module based system that includes popular modules such as Google analytics, specials and bestsellers. There is also an extensive directory of additional (optional) modules that you can install, if you wish

Opencart is incredibly quick and easy to install with our 1 click install feature. After installation, you only need to choose a template and add some products and you are ready to go live. This makes our Opencart Web Hosting fast and easy to use for anyone.

M Hosting Package


Suitable for a hobby or small Opencart site.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
6GB Webspace
6000 e-mail addresses
6 MySql Databases
No Automatic Backups
Yes Opencart 1 click installer
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£47.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £3.95 p/m

XL Hosting Package


Ideal for very large e-commerce sites.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
No Limit* Webspace
No Limit* e-mail addresses
No Limit* MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£107.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £9.95 p/m

L Hosting Package


Perfect for a small to medium and comes with our automatic backup service.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
25GB Webspace
10,000 e-mail addresses
10 MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£65.64 PER YEAR

Equates to £5.47 p/m

The multi store feature is particularly useful as you can manage several stores from one admin panel. Each store can have its own individual theme and can be set by language, currency and tax rates. This feature is ideal for businesses that wish to have both retail and wholesale e-commerce sites.

Shipping methods such as Royal Mail, UPS, City Link, Parcelforce and pickup from store are also included.

You can also set up customer groups for separate retail / wholesale prices and personalised prices on login and group discounts.

If you wish to ‘try’ before you install, there are storefront and admin interface demos available on the official Opencart (opencart.com) website.  User guides and video tutorials are also available as well as support forums.

Opencart migration

Free OpenCart Migration

Are you looking to move your OpenCart site to a new host but put off by the technical aspects of moving? The good news is we can do it for you for free. Simply order your hosting using option 2 here (this will set up the hosting but will not affect your current site), then open a support ticket where our team will do the rest.

Fancy migrating a OpenCart site yourself but not 100% sure on how to do this? We have compiled a guide just for you, see our OpenCart Migration Guide for details.

Friendly UK based support

All in house and not outsourced

Speach Mark
Speach Mark

I have a number of domains hosted by a large hosting company in the USA. One domain in particular containing a forum and website was and is particularly popular but I was dismayed at the CPU throttling and regular server outage which occurred because of the way the company cram as many accounts as possible onto shared servers.

I decided to move this domain to a UK-based host and after looking around for a while chose Squirrel on the basis of their apparent straightforward, no nonsense approach to hosting. The messages on their website hit home with me and what I was looking for.

My first challenge was to transfer the forum to Squirrel. I researched what needed to be done and almost got it right but the forum wouldn't quite load here. I raised a ticket with Squirrel support - and I have to say the response was quick, efficient and effective. They "got me over the line".

I'm very impressed so far. I now have 3 domains up and running here - and more will follow!

OpenCart offers many features including:

Unlimited categories
Easy image resizing
Backup and restore
Unlimited products
Multi language& multi currency
Product reviews & ratings
Related products
Shipping weight calculation
Discount voucher integration
Sales reports (calculate sales by day, week, month)
Multi store abilities
Guest checkout

My Opencart site is slow on my current server, will your's be faster?

Our high powered servers are able to handle the most demanding sites and have been designed to provide OpenCart with more than adequate resources.

Which version of OpenCart do you support

We support all versions up to Unfortunately, we can not support version 2.0 as this requires loopback connections. These are disabled on our servers for security reasons. A VPS would be required for version 2.0+.

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